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9 months old

This bear is acting awfully kid-like lately. Standing, cruising (still clumsy, thank god), going up the stairs. Two more teeth. Using WORDS. Fine, just ‘uh oh’ but STILL. Who said she could learn to talk?

I feel like I can very easily picture the kid she is going to turn into. And even though I know she is still a baby, she seems so so much older than my concept of one.

She’s so much FUN, though. She crawls all over us, squealing and giggling and making weird little Eliza noises. I love it when she climbs over us, or anything big, and gets sort of beached on top. She kicks her chubby little legs until she gets the momentum to make it over, and then face plants happily on the other side. She’s getting more coordinated all the time, so I know she won’t have to do that for much longer… which makes me sad. I remember before Eliza was born, basically up until the day she arrived, I would say OUT LOUD how silly it was when people exclaimed over how fast it all goes, how I would NEVER say such trite things – life is so long! It can’t go that fast!

IT DOES, my god. I’ve been hyper aware since moment one, of all the firsts and the potential lasts. The last time she slept snuggled up on my chest in a little newborn ball. The last time she slept swaddled, and the way she wriggled in the morning when we unwrapped her. The way she bounces up and down into crawling when she’s excited, and how when she’s REALLY excited, she gets going too fast and face plants. How she buries her face in her favorite toys (broccoli, ostrich) when she’s playing, and in her blanket when she’s tired.

Anyway, sappy memories aside, this month has been great. Started with a visit from Grandma Sherry, included a frisbee tournament in Seattle and a visit from college friends. In between the minor adventures, a lot of rolling around on the floor, and giggling.



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