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Ok, so after repeated requests from the parental units, I can no longer deny my audience.  I’ll try to update this with random tidbits at semi-regular intervals.  Obviously I don’t have a great track record.  Here we go!  For reference, we call the baby Spatula, and we’re due October 21st.

How far along? 19 weeks

Baby’s size?   The baby is about the size of a mango, 6.5 inches and 10 oz.  Though I have to say I think the produce comparisons are rather off base.

Sleep?   Just in the past week or so, I’ve noticed it’s a bit harder to get comfortable.  Kevin says I still fall asleep in 30 seconds, so I think I’m still in better shape than most non-pregnant people!  That said, I’ve also noticed I’m a lot sleepier during the day (and that IS saying something).  Could be that I’m getting worse sleep at night, OR just that the demands of baby-growing are tiring me out.

Food cravings or aversions?  I don’t really crave anything abnormal, but eating is hard.  It’s like at any given moment, there is only one acceptable food, and good luck figuring out what it is, or what it will be five minutes later.  Lately, I’ve been chowing down on watermelon.  Which isn’t so much food as it is water, so that’s not actually terribly effective.  I’m pretty tired of eating.  
Symptoms?   Still having a lot of headaches, though they’ve gotten better.  If I don’t stay full in the mornings, I get a bad headache, dizzy, and sort of nauseous. 

Best moment this week?  It’s been a big week – my belly finally really popped out, so even I think I look actually pregnant and not just chubby; I started feeling the baby move, AND we found out that the baby is a girl.  So, three way tie?
Movement?  Started with some little flutters that were really hard to distinguish from my pulse (I’ve always been able to feel my pulse really strongly in my abdomen), and getting stronger every day.  Last night, Alfalfa decided to lay on my stomach and purr loudly while I was sleeping, and Spatula did NOT appreciate it.  

What I miss about not being pregnant?  Breakfast being optional, my narcolepsy meds, and days without headaches.  

What I’m looking forward to?  Surprising everyone in Ohio in two weeks by showing up pregnant 🙂


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