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… in order to avoid undesirable outcomes:

  1. I only like the green gummy bears.*
  2. Instigating a fight with a hefty man who is a foot taller than me would really just be a waste of time.
  3. I have plenty of time, no need to fret.

*I ate them all anyways.  Here’s to my wedding dress fitting…


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1.  The harrowing process of becoming a Threadless t-shirt model.

2.  That the world was a yellow cupcake with purple frosting, and everyone drove sprinkle cars.

3.  I am cat.  I like to sleep on the floor, in the sunshine.

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Venus and Mars

I got a big red exercise ball last week.  I wanted to use it as a computer chair (which I am and it rules, except for how my skin sticks to it because it’s hot as BALLS here.  Ahem.), and also to start doing some strengthening exercises (crunches, push ups, squats, etc.) and I thought it might jumpstart me a bit.

It hasn’t.  Today I’m doing them no matter what, because summer league ended, and I ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast, and I have to fit into my wedding dress in less than 2 months.  But that’s not the point.

The point is that last night while I was working at the computer (sitting in the actual computer chair), I realized that Fiance had sat down on the ball and immediately started doing crunches.  And then started doing push ups.  Like, he sees an exercise ball and it makes his brain go, “let’s work out!  this’ll be great!” whereas when I see one, my brain goes, “bouncy!  bounce bounce bounce.”


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on hot air balloons

During our little photo shoot yesterday, we were all talking about hot air balloons, as they used to be launched from the park we were moseying around.  I decided I wanted to know more about them, because they really are sort of weird…  Were they invented as an actual efficient means of transportation?  How do they work?  Can you steer, or do you just float where the wind blows you?  As I was reading the wikipedia article, I learned first that they are filled with hot air.  This was news to me, and despite having typed the query myself, I had to go check whether I had been calling them “Hot air balloons”, or something else…

Y’all, I almost have a PhD, but I am laughably dumb, sometimes…

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