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Well, it took nearly six months, but Eliza finally proved her immune system is not  impenetrable.  After playing with her little friend Calvin a week or so ago, we heard he came down with RSV shortly thereafter so I was on high alert.  She started developing cold symptoms on Friday, coinciding perfectly with Kevin going out of town for 9 days, and my parents arriving to visit – of all the luck!  I’d say she’s been going steadily, albeit slowly, downhill ever since.  We took her to the doctor yesterday just because we wanted to make sure her lungs were clear (they are so far), and he suggested giving her pedialyte or juice so her milk doesn’t thicken her mucus, and told me when to worry (very labored breathing and/or high fever).  The hardest thing is that she is sleeping very poorly.  It’s too bad I’m a dangerous narcoleptic, since she sleeps best on my chest, but I am not to be trusted co-sleeping.  Plus the lack of sleep is exacerbating my narcolepsy, so it’s getting ridiculous over here!  How do people deal with really sick babies?  Because she really isn’t that sick in the grand scheme.  Can people just…. not sleep, for many days in a row?  I can’t imagine.

So, anyways, we are just trying to keep Miss Bear as happy as possible and not go totally stir crazy.  We had grand plans to go on some NW adventures, to Mt. Rainier and other places, but now we are just hoping she improves before my parents have to leave.  Major bummer, but at least she is still managing to be a little bit smiley for at least a small part of every day.  Hooray for easy going babies!


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