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Eliza at 5 months

Whew, a little late on this one – it was a busy month!  Lots of working for me and Kevin, capped off with a business trip for me and a visit from the paternal grandparents.  Miss Eliza continues to be a delightful little thing, giggling more and more every day.  Just about everything we do is hilarious in the evenings now, except for when it’s not.  She loves it when we pretend to eat her tummy, opens her mouth up big in a gleeful smile and grabs on to our faces.  She reaches out for us now, reaches out for lots of things.  Both hands means she’s excited, and one hand means it’s going into the mouth. Eliza rolls from her back to her belly with wild abandon, but forgets she can go the other way.  She does impressive push ups, sometimes holding herself up with hands and toes alone.  She is starting to move around a bit, but hasn’t learned to do so with intent.  It’s more that she happens to wiggle or roll a bit, or “crawl” half a foot, but not necessarily where she wanted to.  She can sit unassisted for many seconds in a row before pitching off headfirst towards the floor, and if you give her something to hold on to, she can brace herself quite impressively.  She still goes nuts for her bouncy chair, and sometimes is obviously tired of her lame parents and would prefer jumping for a bit now, thanks.  Favorite toys are Phillip the spider, Frank the duck, Earl the butterfly, and Darryl the dinosaur.  Reading to her has become harder, as she wants to suck on the board books – so Grandma Sherry got her a soft taggie book to hold while we read.  Genius!

She’s been waking up in the night a few times a week this month, and once again her bed time seems to be a little after mine (about 10).  We just decided to stop swaddling her last night, since she can turn over so well now, and I can’t actually swaddle her anymore because she is too big.  She cried and cried when we tried to put her to sleep (and by we I mean Kevin, since her crying makes me irrational) – he tried a few times over the course of a couple hours, to no avail.  The AAP recommends against letting babies under one have anything with them in their cribs, so she was just in footie pajamas, wailing.  I eventually suggested letting her have her blanket that she usually naps with, and the second she got her hands on it, she passed out hard.  We did some research about the risks, and feel pretty good about letting her sleep with the blanket.  I really hate the way risks are communicated to parents, but that’s a can of worms for another day…
Also on the parenting choices front (and another can of worms), I had to wean Eliza at the beginning of March so I could take some medicine.  Weaning made me very sad for about a week, and then the hormones started to clear and I can see that it was the right decision (though I still wish it had worked out differently).  Eliza seems not to care a whit one way or the other, as long as there is milk to be had.  We’ve begun giving her solid food off our plates to play with, but so far she hasn’t been that interested in eating anything.  I let her suck on some pizza crust and some banana, and she mostly looked confused.  More of that in the weeks to come… 

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