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Eliza splashing in the tub.


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Eliza on her play mat, batting at a toy from Grandma Holly.

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Eliza at two months

Eliza is such an easy baby. She started sleeping in longer stretches this month, and the last two weeks, she’s barely ever waking to eat at night. She stays up with Kevin until somewhere between 10:00 and 12:00, and then sleeps until sometime between 5:00 and 8:00. Definitely lucky so far, though we hear it could change at any time! She still likes to be carried around a bit in the evenings, but isn’t that fussy. Just this week she has managed to get a hand or whole arm out of her swaddle by the time she awakens in the morning.

Eliza has started smiling, and it’s predictably adorable. Kevin and I spend a lot of time making fools of ourselves trying to elicit a gummy grin. She seems like she will starting giggling pretty soon, too.

I procrastinated about getting the next size of prefolds for her diapers, so she retaliated by peeing on us a couple of times. While that might sound unpleasant enough to drive us away from cloth, using disposables while we waited for the new diapers to arrive reminded us both we like the cloth better. It helps that they are super cute, too. Looks like we are going with prefolds and covers over the pocket diapers, at least for now.

Eliza loves bath time and getting her diaper changed. I hung some kitty cat decorations over the changing table and she stares and smiles at them while we change her. Sometimes if she is cranky I will change her just because I know it will make her happy for a few minutes. She also loves to stare at the picture wall and the bookshelf over the couches in the living room. We say she is looking at the DVDs and the pictures of us. 

Eliza rolled over several times one day, but hasn’t done it again since then.  She is reaching for toys and cooing up a storm – basically right on target for all her developmental milestones.  She’s getting more interactive by the day, and we are having a great time!

Stats from the two month check up on 11/15/11:

Weight: 11 lbs 1 oz (57%)

Length: 23.5” (84%)

Head Circumference: 15.5” (65%)

Appreciation of Needles: Low to Screamy.

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Portland for work…

Communication is the Achilles heel of science. Whether between scientists and the public, scientists and potential funding sources, or even just amongst themselves, it is a minefield of epic proportions. I don’t know how anything gets accomplished. And it scares me, because the result is that the average American is more likely to be listening to the almost-always-bullshit touted by the likes of Dr. Oz than to actual legitimate sources. I could go on and on and on, so instead I’ll just … not.

In other news, I miss my little family. Work travel is for the birds.

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