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On Tuesday, we had an exciting medical adventure.  I hadn’t had one in over two years, so I had been expecting something to happen.  I had pain in my lower abdomen starting on Tuesday morning that wasn’t too bad at first, and I figured it was just pressure on my organs from my giant baby.  BUT it got worse and worse and eventually I couldn’t get anything done at work, and couldn’t conceive of driving myself home, so I decided to have Kevin take me to the doctor.  There, they hooked me up to a couple of monitors to check on the baby and to see if I was having contractions – the immediate concern was premature labor or placental abruption. They watched Eliza for a while there – she was perfectly happy with a normal pulse and normal movements, even had the hiccups for awhile.  I, on the other hand, was getting worse – severe, unremitting pain in my lower abdomen.  I was having mild contractions but they weren’t regular at all.  The doctor said that my uterus was “irritable” probably because of all the pain I was in. 

After a while they sent me over to the hospital for additional monitoring and to try to narrow down what the problem was (since it didn’t seem to be anything with Eliza or her supporting cast of organs).  There I got all hooked up again – you can see in one picture of my belly the two monitors, one is to get Eliza’s heartbeat and the other keeps an eye on my uterus.  In another picture that is kind of washed out, you can see the readings from the monitors – Eliza’s pulse (123) and my uterus (30 – we weren’t totally sure what that meant, except that higher numbers generally corresponded with more pain… but it wasn’t measuring just contractions either).  They gave me some medicine to calm my uterus down, and then started doing other diagnostics on me.  Started talking about kidney stones being likely and looked at all my organs with ultrasound (normally they would do a CT scan, but not on pregnant ladies).  Eventually, probably not until like 5 pm or so, they started giving me pain meds.  Started with morphine, which did NOTHING, and then moved on to dilaudid, which finally gave some relief.  They gave me that every couple hours and gave me a LOT of IV fluids (like 4 bags) and then eventually said I could choose whether to go home or stay there. 

We decided to head home, armed to the gills with narcotics and stuff to make me sleepy.  Poor Kevin probably got barely any sleep, between my whimpering and having to get up and take medicine every 2 hours.  Things were much better in the morning, and then spiked back up again in the afternoon.  Then at dinner time, I passed a stone that was about 2 mm.  I thought about taking a picture of it but decided not to 🙂

I’m hoping it didn’t have any little friends, and that I can get back to work tomorrow! 


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I got it in my head at some point that I was re-doing the closets in this house, and this became a high priority for the nursery when I found out I was pregnant.  So naturally I waited until I was 7 months pregnant to do anything about it!  The guys at Home Depot tried really hard to talk me out of it, and kept glancing at my belly and telling me I was going to have to hammer and saw and drill, like I’m a delicate flower and couldn’t do it.  Well, I did it – Made a detailed plan and took a collection of pine boards and cut, painted, installed them.  They are very solid and sturdy and they look pretty great!  Not totally perfect, some of the boards don’t have a 100% perfect fit, but it’s pretty damn good.  That’s for sure the most exciting development in the nursery, but I will put up some other pictures soon.  We have a crib and a dresser and a glider chair in there too, but they aren’t arranged properly and the walls aren’t decorated yet at all.  Getting there, though!

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Photos from our rafting adventure on the Klickitat River in Southern Washington, 7/22 – 7/24/11.

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On Friday, we headed down to the Leidl campground on the Klickitat River in Southern Washington to meet our friends Rebecca and Christophe.  Upon arrival, Rebecca proposed an overnight boating trip for Saturday and Sunday, which we happily agreed to.  So bright and early after a tasty breakfast of bacon and eggs, we packed up camp into some dry bags, loaded up the boat, shuttled some cars, and took off. 

I think we actually didn’t get onto the river until about 1:00 pm.  Kevin and I were totally unfamiliar with all the logistical challenges of an over-night boat trip, but luckily Rebecca has been doing this since she was a baby.  She and Christophe had all the necessary gear – white water raft, dry bags and dry box for our camping stuff, clothes, and food, fishing gear, padded seats for the whiny pregnant lady, and a waterproof camera.  Rebecca rigged and packed the boat while the boys shuttled the cars.  I ate cherries and tried to be useful. 

We put in a few miles north of the campground, and went for about five hours on Saturday.  It was really fun – the river is relatively calm, no dangerous rapids, but vigorous enough that we all got drenched and had to hold on sometimes.  It was great weather, super hot in the sun so we actually looked forward to getting splashed by the very cold water.  Towards the end of the day, we stopped frequently to investigate possible camp sites for the night.  I think we must have looked at four, trying to find the perfect combination of flat and rock-free ground, with a low-angle rocky beach.  This was pretty inconsequential for me – I just got on and off the boat to poke around – but for everyone else, they had to dismount into thigh deep water, drag the boat and the pregnant princess securely to shore, and later push off and hop back on – not hard, but certainly not trivial.  We finally found a great spot, though we had some neighbors – can’t blame them, as the weather was perfect and so was the spot!  I made dinner (chopped potatoes and veggies with andouille sausage, in foil packets over the fire!  mmm!) and then we roasted giant marshmallows.  Then off to bed!

Sunday we got started earlier but still had a great breakfast (bacon and eggs again!  boat camping is a lot like car camping).  We floated for about four hours, with far fewer stops and faster water (Rebecca estimated that we went about 9 miles Saturday and 13 on Sunday).  We went a little past the town of Klickitat to the take out, and then headed back to grab the other car and have some lunch.  After that, it was time to head home. 

I was surprised how exhausted I was after a weekend of just… sitting, mostly.  But I guess I was in the sun a lot, and sitting is also strangely exhausting to my back and stomach muscles after a while.  Thankfully Rebecca made me a backrest out of a rolled up sleeping pad! 

It was a really fun trip, and while Kevin and I both agreed we’d do it again, I don’t think we will be investing in our own white water raft any time soon.  It’s lovely to have friends who have the skills and the gear to take us on adventures like this though!

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