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20 weeks


How far along? 20 weeks

Baby’s size?   The baby is about the size of a large banana, 7 inches and 11 oz.

 Sleep?   Kevin is gone this week, so I get the whole bed and all the pillows to myself.  More squishy pillows seems to be helpful.  But, I’m still sleepier during the day…  definitely taking naps most days now.  

Food cravings or aversions?  Still pretty annoying to feed me.  Kevin is gone, and so I’ve eaten with friends a couple times so far – since they are just like, ok we are making this, want some?  I don’t have a say in the matter, and that definitely makes it easier.  Left to my own devices, it’s pizza rolls (gross!), watermelon, and rice.    I’m determined to stop eating pizza rolls this week…

Symptoms?   Same, nothing new.  My headaches are still getting better, I think, which is awesome!

Best moment this week?  Kevin was able to feel the baby move, just barely, but he’s pretty sure he felt it.  I’m sure in another week or two, there will be no doubt 🙂

Movement?  Still moving, still pretty gentle.  I freak myself out pretty often because I won’t feel her for a while, but I think I just can’t unless I’m in certain positions and sitting still enough.  Plus, she allegedly sleeps a whole lot.  

What I miss about not being pregnant?  This week?  Frisbee.  I played last week and I think that might have been it – my balance has gotten a little off, and running around feels funny because of my belly.  But, I’m happy to say I don’t miss it as much as I thought I might.  I think it’s mostly because of the big tournament I won’t get to play in this weekend.  I do need to find an alternative form of exercise though!

What I’m looking forward to?  Surprising people, and lifting the veil of secrecy.  And Kevkon coming home!


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20 weeks.  Looking more pregnant than usual in this dress, I think.  

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