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Book(s):  B
The Boxcar Children, book 1.  Yeah, it’s a kids book with some pictures and giant print.  It took me an hour to read.  But it made me so happy!  Plus I read two books last month?

Recipe(s):  A+

Chicken Pho  – Vietnamese dish (Carolyn).  OMG tasty, lasts for days, too bad uncooked pho noodles smell like feet.  5/5.

House Project(s): A-

Cleaned and organized the garage.  Still have some follow up organizing to do, but this was a pretty great start.  We need to really think through how we want to organize tools and such.  And then, we have to get more rubbermaid bins to safely store stuff out there, as there was evidence of mice (ewww).  K changed the oil, which counts. 

Adventure(s): F

We totally failed at this.  I’m cutting myself a little slack, as I was working on animal studies and preparing for conferences and baby showers, and February is so damn short, but since we spent the last day of it sitting on our butts, I get a big fat F. 

Personal Goal: B-

A.M. workouts – partial success.  I wanted to go 4x/week, and I think I average 2.  BUT, I started going to frisbee again, so that’s like extra credit.  I couldn’t go during animal study weeks, and have been having some interfering medical stuff, so I think all told I did pretty well on this.  PLUS, I have gone a couple times so far in March and want to keep going.  So that’s a win.  Also, the passing grade sort of results from the continuing resolution, I think.

Nutritional Willpower: F

No cake – First I accidentally ate a piece of tiramisu.  K said “stop that!” halfway through, and I was like, crap!  I don’t even like tiramisu that much!  And then I ate the rest of it.  So, for that, I’d give myself a C – why the F?  I ate the icing off the equivalent of 4 pieces of cake after C’s baby shower.  I didn’t eat any cake, but I’m pretty sure that was a giant middle finger to the spirit of the resolution, no? 

I have not totally decided on my penance yet.  I’m considering continuing no cake through March, but it will be VERY challenging to avoid the exciting desert offerings at my conferences.  Plus, plus: medical stuff sort of means I’m taking it easy on nutritional stuff.


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